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San Antonio Family Law Attorney

As an experienced San Antonio Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney, I know that the issues and cases surrounding family law have a lasting impact on the lives of my clients and their families. San Antonio Divorce AttorneyThis law firm is committed to assisting our clients through the difficult process of terminating a marriage or other relationships as well as assisting clients in the process of entering into prenuptial or cohabitation agreements. David T Cain can also provide extensive post-decree services as well. While we strive to resolve your case through negotiation whenever possible, Mr Cain is highly experienced in litigation. If litigation is necessary to resolve your family law issue, you can feel comfortable placing your trust in our law firm.

The Law Office of David T Cain serves clients in a broad range of family law issues, including divorce litigation, child custody matters, complex financial and property settlement issues, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, post-decree modifications and paternity. The following list are other Family Law legal matters that I can assist you with.

Family Law Practice Areas:


Alimony Annulments
Child Abuse Foster Care
Separation Prenuptial Agreement
Adoption Parental Rights
Paternity Child Support Enforcement
Restraining Order & many more



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