Are You Being Audited by the IRS?

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Businesses deal with a lot of transactions, and keeping flawless records of every purchase, sale and payment isn't easy. Even if you've kept up with your taxes, you could have unknowingly made mistakes that can cost your business. No matter your situation, you can speak to a tax collection attorney from the Law Office of David T. Cain when you're being audited.

We have years of experience with IRS collections and can help you through your situation. Our tax collection attorney will help defend your business from accusations of fraud. If you are found in violation of tax law, we can help negotiate installment plans and reduced liens to minimize the impact that IRS collections have on your business.

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Enforce your rights to collect your dues

Enforce your rights to collect your dues

Just because people sign a contract doesn't mean they'll actually make their mandatory payments. If your business is owed money by a debtor, attorney Cain can help you enforce your rights and collect your debts. We'll use every available legal method to help you collect so you can keep your business on track.

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