Why Choosing the Right San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney Matters

Financial MazeStruggling in a financial situation is stressful enough without worrying if you are picking the right bankruptcy lawyer. However, picking the wrong attorney can be the first blunder that gets a case rejected. The first step toward debt relief is picking an experienced San Antonio bankruptcy attorney. A good attorney will explain the basics of either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies, and in addition, he or she will explain and complete the necessary documentation and paperwork.

Bankruptcy Specialists

A qualified chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio will know local court rules and procedures, and he or she will provide you with simple answers for complicated legal matters you may not understand. Finding a specialist you can afford may be challenging, but it is beneficial when that person can walk clients through the bankruptcy process and is experienced in achieving debt resolution.

Some lawyers specialize in multiple areas of law and do not focus on bankruptcy alone. The difference between a regular practice lawyer and a specialist is certification. Using lawyers who do not regularly practice bankruptcy law and are not certified may inadvertently cause case dismissal because of possible problems. Even without dismissal, though, you may have to attend more hearings or lose properties and assets you’d hoped to protect.

Experience and Communication

A number of bankruptcy attorneys provide initial consultations. Talking directly with a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney, like David T. Cain, provides a chance to assess his or her personality, people skills, and experience. Developing trust in a lawyer depends on communication and how he or she handles your emotional distress.

Good attorneys can come at a cost, but fees alone should not be the deciding factor. Bankruptcy is a long process and requires a lot of paperwork. A strong indication of an effective lawyer is the ability to return calls and emails. A San Antonio bankruptcy attorney who does not communicate before a case may not be helpful during proceedings.

A successful chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio doesn’t need decades of experience to represent a client well; instead, he or she needs experience dealing with chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. For information about chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies, speak to a San Antonio Legal Expert.


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