Holiday Advice from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

As the holiday season approaches, many people worry about how they will be able to financially afford festivities and celebrations. As any San Antonio bankruptcy attorney would tell you, the holidays are no reason to overextend yourself. If you have concerns about debt relief during the holiday season, take this advice from a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Financial Ruin This Holiday Season

It is no secret that the holidays can be an expensive undertaking. Between the gifts, the gatherings, and the parties, many families overextend themselves during the season. Any chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio would tell you that you should not spend more than you can afford on holiday items. If you are worried about spending too much money this holiday season, follow these tips:

•    Discuss your budget with your spouse or family before you start shopping.

•    Make detailed and itemized lists of everything you would like to buy. Then, you will be able to watch for sales and deals and buy the items when they are the least expensive.

•    Consider putting things on layaway instead of using a credit card. Many stores offer layaway, where you will be able to put a certain amount of money towards a purchase every week.

•    Ask friends and family members to think about throwing “potluck” holiday parties. This means that everyone will have to spend less money to feed their loved ones this holiday season.

•    Eliminate gift giving entirely from your holiday routine. Instead of giving toys or trinkets, use the money to pay off existing debts or make a charitable donation.

As any chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio knows, the holiday season can be high pressure and stressful for even the most prepared people. If you are already worried about debt relief, the holiday season comes with added pressure. You do not have to put yourself deeper in debt for the holiday season, however. If you plan ahead, stick to a budget and avoid putting anything on a credit card, you can make it through the holiday season without contributing to your debt difficulties.

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