Exempt vs. Not Exempt

One of the most confusing aspects about filing for bankruptcy is the issue of what property is exempt and what property is not exempt. When property is determined to be exempt from bankruptcy, it cannot be taken away from you by a bankruptcy trustee. Many people erroneously believe that filing for bankruptcy means that they [...]

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Great Ideas to Increase Debt Relief

In the past, we have spoken extensively about ways to take charge of your financial life. This has included advice geared specifically towards keeping your home and pursuing lower monthly payments, primarily by contacting a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio. However, if you are in a position where your financial missteps have taken over the rest of your life, it is time to start taking your debt relief seriously. Our expert bankruptcy lawyer recommends the following steps.

Debt Relief Must Become Your Number One Priority

Too many people believe that they can hold off on seriously pursuing debt relief, thinking, “I’ll have more money next month,” or that “things will even out in the end.” A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio knows that the longer you wait to settle your debt, the worse your debt will become. If you are in over your head and debt collectors are calling you around the clock, it is time to make debt relief your top priority.

You Do Not Have to Do it Alone

There is a lot of shame associated with filing for bankruptcy in this country, which, unfortunately, leads to more and more people attempting to battle their debts on their own. To tackle debt effectively, people in financial duress should be getting in touch with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio.

Do not delay, as debt relief is just a phone call away. Attorneys often have lower monthly payments than credit card companies do, and a qualified debt relief lawyer knows how to get the debt collection companies off of your back forever. As soon as you file, the calls will stop automatically.

It is Not the End of the World

Above all else, you must remember that contacting a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your financial freedom. Bankruptcy exists to help people get the debt relief that they so desperately need.

If you are in a dire financial situation, help is available. Contact a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio today, and get on the road to financial freedom!

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