Holiday Advice from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

As the holiday season approaches, many people worry about how they will be able to financially afford festivities and celebrations. As any San Antonio bankruptcy attorney would tell you, the holidays are no reason to overextend yourself. If you have concerns about debt relief during the holiday season, take this advice from a chapter 7 [...]

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A San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Get the Debt Relief You Need

As any chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio will tell you, the decision to file for bankruptcy is not one that should be taken lightly. However, if you have been thinking about calling a lawyer to discuss your options to get out of debt, here is some information that you may want to consider. [...]

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Exempt vs. Not Exempt

One of the most confusing aspects about filing for bankruptcy is the issue of what property is exempt and what property is not exempt. When property is determined to be exempt from bankruptcy, it cannot be taken away from you by a bankruptcy trustee. Many people erroneously believe that filing for bankruptcy means that they [...]

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Life after Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The decision to contact a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can be a difficult one. Though you need debt relief and a financial fresh start, navigating the waters of Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be frightening. Many people do not fully understand what the process will entail, and many don’t know what their lives will look like after they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the help of a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney.

Get Relief From Those Harassing Phone Calls

The instant your San Antonio bankruptcy attorney files your paperwork for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court puts an automatic “order for relief” into effect. Sometimes called an “automatic stay,” the “order for relief” makes it illegal for any creditors to call you for any reason. While your San Antonio bankruptcy attorney is working hard to get everything in order for your bankruptcy, you and your family will be able to live in peace, free from those disturbing phone calls.

Financial Freedom

When it comes to finances, many people feel pushed to the brink prior to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy with a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney. They have no idea how they will go about paying their debts to various creditors; they live in fear that they will lose their homes, cars and other property. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy with a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney eradicates that fear, by giving you debt relief. Everything that has frightened and confused you about settling your debts will now be in the hands of the court and its trustees. To free yourself from years of debt, all you need to do is work with your San Antonio bankruptcy attorney and follow their plan, which will leave you with lower monthly payments.

But will I lose my property?

In the old days, people who could not pay their debts were thrown in debtors’ prison, a bleak place where you would stay until you (or your family) had settled your debts. Thankfully, we are not so draconian these days. While you may have to give up some of your property to cover your debts, it will probably be luxury goods – fur coats, expensive musical instruments, coin collections – rather than necessities. You won’t be prevented from living a comfortable life. You’ll most likely get to keep your car, your household appliances and home furnishings, as well as clothing, jewelry and other personal effects. Work with your San Antonio bankruptcy attorney to determine which of your belongings can be exempted.



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